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Mensaje a los hijos

"Message UNIVERSAL for children; parents"
And duties of the State.

Jesús Alvizures.
9-10.- 2017 - 21st Century

11 - 9 - 2017
Author: Jesús Alvizures.


              It has been concluded that children should not be revealed contr parents; a father is a father and never be offended or in fact word for a spoiled and disobedient child.
God in the Bible speaks of love and duty of a good son to his father s s; a father, a mother is unquestionable, the son has no authority to criticize the good or bad actions of their parents.
At present, children want to send parents and even more, there are evil children who do not know them, beat them or take them to the grave, What is that feeling of evil? This one that provokes in its own blood. And he does not think that being loves you and is able to give his own life, to see him happiness.
And because the feeling of paternity is lost? For the son from his youth Childhood zy not assimilate the wise advice of their parents, or they walked on the roads and ma n supiero not correct him with wise words.
A reminder about the Ten Commandments where in the 4th commandment says HONOR FATHER AND MOTHER done and why? This goes for the rough roads that are synonymous with destruction, and who hates Eron gave the gift of life, conception of power God the Holy Spirit.
I n the name of Jesus Christ D               IO Ijo SH, I bless children, youth and adults and urged them to be tolerant with their parents and not light the flame fatal violence. Give them love and understanding, because in the sunset of their lives that will have been harvested, because it was planted.
Youth is not eternal and all arrived at sunset, which can not be stopped, and how wonderful it is to be happy with IEN s covered with silver threads and remember the pas ado, who never return, and that left us joy the sadness; concept that is given in the conformation of the world.
This one is full of flowers that give spiritual sustenance; Y thorns lurk also occur and hurt who acquires a negative thought to love.
In existence we are light or shade; for those around us, and we fill them grief or joy as the happenings that ia A rain storm of love or suffering den.
Look straight ahead into the future, and give love hands full, because if this is done, that it will receive and this and levará thought the high pinnacles of the positive than in male or female human being must exist.
Seek not cause pain, we are sympathetic balm understanding and loving our parents, our blood brothers or our brothers by the divine gift of creation; creation was formed when the (G énesi1: 27) God created man in his image; in the image of God male and female I believe them.

How the foolish son at Ropella his father to his mother? I é sta lulled him into his arms l or fed them with breast milk that it flowed, while his father looked labored bread to take to your table and share.
The mother takes care of the children, the father has the oblig ation to provide food and is not easy; in these times poverty has increased; é sta caused by corruption suffering nations in the world, with the greed of their rulers: they do not see the misery that the people attack.
Children are the future d tomorrow and we must instill in them the love and respect their parents, they received him with emotion in the family; his duty to inculcate the values of the country to see for their nation, its people and not one more than they put the noose to the poor who inhabit marginal areas and villages of the country.
Guatemala has natural resources that enrich the country, but since fallen into the hands of citizens who do not know the moral, nor human feeling, every day in hopes of a better future is lost.
That is why youth; men and women objectively look towards progress, because on his shoulders will rest the future of e sta P atria sore and bleeding; envestidas has been different, because it both on the street orphan criminal violence child, they seek their material bread, and widowed mother No study can give s lack of resources; the classrooms of knowledge for them are serrated.


Here is the cancer and what governments must fight, if they have a bad both freed from Guatemala, East which currently it is given; No, we must not remain slaves of ignorance. TOP COUNTRY; NO MORE VIOLENCE, NO MORE POVERTY. NO MORE CORRUPTION.
You must open a democratic political system, so that young people with new ideas can occupy the floor of Congress l to Republic. And the monopoly of re-election ends. What for once is fine; but not become caciques of this body egislativo L. Casias buying in the National List.
Election laws should be restructured and not give way to political manoseos that are the same of the same; if that is not done we will always be stuck,
This topic is embedded; because if young legislators have broad - minded and honest, the issue of high - handed children with their parents will be another, there will be aggrandizement of the country on the lines of the economy, showed'm so youthful righteousness; there will be work, love and respect for the human being.
The governments of different ideologies have had, and have resources to pick up the children and street youth; teach them a trade, study them, word of spiritual value, and prepare them for reintegration into society. But they do not prefer to combat juvenile delinquency through the police. Where there are also rotten apples.

He has spoken the truth, AU n this truth is not heard by those who want to keep gagged subject people to his capitalist ambitions to mazar fortune.
The people must raise anchors and strengthened to follow in fighting the bad habits d and traditional politicians; hese that; that's what they do not change the evil system of Guatemalan life, this legislating laws for the public good, opening new jobs, capital gear must be moved to a substantive economy.
Do not continue doing what is done; with the decentralization of state assets that pineapple tizaron. In a disgrace to the country and its inhabitants who were patrons and servers now foreign capitalist system before.
But we are on the right track, and as our ancestors said; so much so that the pitcher goes to the water at last breaks; human values are to be recovered, the children respect their parents and na country will have a respite from economic prosperity in their finances. May God hear us and everything changes so great this town who dreams of a prosperous and happy future; away from corruption and violence.


"The so-called parents of the fatherland"
They leave the guacal.

              In the Congress are all wrong; most of deputies serve corrupt interests; and they left the apr guacal obando the penal code reform Wednesday, September 13, 2017; They gave up a following and justify it by saying it was a mistake, but a consensus error that had to file for suspension of the pronouncement of reforms the Constitutional Court; against the action; the media played an important role of rejection and the civil society that no longer accepts to be hit with a finger.
Congress voters in favor of impunity are menial, betray the people, because they are under the magnifying glass of the entity that fights corruption, institutionalism was broken by the violation to the system of justice for these poor children of the people, the people that has so often been struck with the accommodation of Laws; there is a truth to tell the journalist and defender of the interests of the Nation Clemente Marroquín licensed; "Every law lays the trap" what happened in the Congress that is.
The president must take better care of his actions; and surround yourself with capable advisers to look at t he objectives pursued, hese not quarrel the rule of law; and not let it fall into disrepute, as happened today.

The village is no longer asleep, awake; and will not let you continue to see the face of the Good Samaritan. -               The one who owes it to pay. With attachment to criminal laws.

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